Find a Few Good Helpers

  • Find helpers from the Technology and Adaptive Technology user communities.
  • Search Twitter for people in the Tech community who are interested in Accessibility
    • Use Twitter hashtags such as #accessibility #A11y #AxS #WebDev #WebDesign #UX
    • Create a Twitter hashtag for your event like: #AccessCampDC
    • Create a Twitter account for your event such as @AccessCampDC and an e-mail address
  • Contact organizers of local Tech meet-ups like ReFresh, TechCocktail, BarCamp, Ignite, etc.
  • Put the word out to the community of people who are using Adaptive Technologies (ATs) at a high level and have some understanding of the language of web accessibility
  • Encourage participation by novices and non-technical folks who could learn by being immersed in the technical conversations.